The first objective of your online store is to get new customers and increase sales volume through different strategies. On this occasion, I will highlight some key aspects to offer the best shopping experience to your customers and that you achieve their loyalty.


First of all, it is essential to have a clear shipping policy, which establishes deadlines, costs, schedules and everything you consider relevant for your buyer, and contemplates the steps to follow in case any of the established points is not met. Having a shipping policy will generate confidence in your customer and will stimulate you to buy in your store.

It is important that you choose the best shipping provider for your business needs, always considering your customers. The idea is to have a company that is usually responsible for making the shipments of your store, that is careful and responsible with the merchandise, attentive to your customers in the delivery, offer the coverage of areas that you need to cover and reasonable costs.

If you want to add more value and improve your customer experience, you can offer free shipping of your products, as long as you are in a position to do so. If you decide on this option, it is important that you handle yourself equally responsibly with the management of shipments, and that the same policies apply for all types of shipping.


A good option to convert online sales is to offer a clear return policy, which will generate a lot of peace of mind in the buyer, knowing that if you receive your product you are not satisfied, you will have the option to return it and recover your money.

Like the shipping policy, procedures and deadlines for returning products must be clarified, and situations for which returns will be accepted.

Customer service and after sales service

Considering that in the online shopping experience there is no figure of the seller who advises the customer before finalizing the purchase and helps him decide, it is essential to have excellent and immediate customer service. If, during the purchase process, the client receives the required advice, it is very likely that their shopping experience will be perceived as positive, and they will be able to get a new faithful customer.

Just as the advice at the time of purchase is very important, so is the after sales service. If you are looking for customer loyalty, the best way to do this is to offer personalized attention after product delivery, especially if the customer has questions or complaints about the product purchased or its operation.

Payment methods

A fundamental part of the online purchase process is the time of payment. If you want to reach as many people as possible with your store, it is best to offer the widest variety of payment methods that you can.

In this way, you will avoid losing purchases at checkout because the customer does not have or does not agree with the payment method you offer. Offering a variety of payment methods will greatly expand your conversion possibilities.

Product presentation

As in any physical store, the way your products look, and your store in general, will positively or negatively affect the perception of your visitors. If you want your products to be sold, you must make sure to present them in the best possible way.

Make sure you have excellent product photos, in as much detail as possible, and take care of the design of your store so that it does not dazzle or affect the image of your products. Once you have taken care of the visual details, take care to write product descriptions that invite visitors to complete the purchase.

Always remember that the online sales experience does not allow interaction with the product before buying it, so it is essential to offer as much detail as possible about its features.


If we consider that the shopping experience is completed and emphasized at the time of receiving the product, we can add a factor that, well used, will undoubtedly be an added value for your product and will stand out even more. You can choose different types of packaging so that your products are received in the best way and your customer closes his purchase process in the best way.